What Our Customers Say

Our agency is built on positive customer experiences. We aim to empower ministries in South Carolina to fulfill their missions through outstanding service from our agency. That's why we think it's important that you hear from some of our customers so you can see what that means to them.

“Our agent, Jason Rochester, is truly an incredible partner in ministry. His love for Christ shows in his devotion to serving churches, including mine, well. He, and his team, go above and beyond. They are always available to answer any questions. They answer them with the best interest of the ministry in mind. In today’s culture it can be hard to balance ministry while mitigating potential losses, however, Jason and his team are able to do just that. Jason is more than an insurance agent, he is a partner in ministry!"

- Bobbie Kelley - Human Resources - Riverland Hills Baptist Church, Irmo, SC


"Working with our American Church Group of South Carolina agent, Jason Rochester, and Brotherhood Mutual has truly been a blessing. Our church, being located on the South Carolina coast, experiences unique challenges, both in finding good coverage, and having a good claim experience. Several times over the past three and a half years we have had weather-related issues do damage to our facilities and equipment. The first instance shut down our media and technology, preventing us from effectively communicating and ministering to our congregation. We made a call to Jason and immediately received exact instructions regarding our claim. We quickly received a check enabling us to make necessary repairs and replacement of lost equipment. Thanks to Brotherhood Mutual's efficient response, our normal Sunday was unaffected. Annually, Jason Rochester travels to Murrells Inlet so that I can meet with him to discuss our changing facilities, our ministry growth, the concerns we have as a ministry, and hear Jason’s evaluation and recommendations regarding our policies. We have never lacked the necessary information to make a well-informed decision, allowing us to be good stewards of the Lord’s finances through His church. Changes that have been made to our coverage have been affordable, in-step with our budget capabilities, and adequate for our changing ministry circumstances. I often receive calls from other churches seeking a recommendation or endorsement for Jason Rochester and Brotherhood Mutual. Each person I speak with has been tasked with the important responsibility of protecting their ministry and maintaining faithful accountability and stewardship for their congregation. I am able to consistently tell them that our experience with Jason improves each year. Our policies have been adjusted in a timely and appropriate manner, Jason and his team are trustworthy and professional, and Brotherhood Mutual provides tremendous resources online to assist its clients. These resources include legal assistance, with a response within twenty-four hours of the initial communication, as well as policies by which to guide ministries and organizations in preparing for their unique context of ministry. I strongly recommend Jason and Brotherhood Mutual without hesitation. After more than 30 years in ministry, switching to American Church Group of South Carolina and Brotherhood Mutual has been one of the wisest and most beneficial partnerships I have enjoyed.

- Dr. Scott Stancil, Executive Pastor - First Baptist Church, Murrells Inlet, SC